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You swim, I walk.
You Pop, I Rock,
N' a way,
We're worlds away.
But you'd die, to fly.
I know, I try.
This isn't a game,
We're so much the same and...
You don't need,
Another Prince Charming,
To walk through your door,
Your heart's on the shore.
But you might end up finding,
That new life is blinding,
Please promise before you let go...

Ariel, don't let stars burn out your eyes.
Don't let those pretty spotlights replace your sunrise.
You are chasing what you think is paradise,
But just how much will you sacrifice?
Girl, I know you wish you were so much more,
But you're everything I've been looking for,
You're a magic kingdom, your heart's the door,
I wish I was part of your world.

If dreams came true,
I would hold you,
Before we were gone forever,
We'd be together.
We all want what we don't have,
You know it's true...
Guess that's why I'm so stuck on you.

Ariel, don't let stars burn out your eyes.
Don't let those pretty spotlights replace your sunrise.
You've been chasing what you think is paradise,
Girl, just how much will you sacrifice?
Yeah, I know you wish you were so much more,
But you're just the one I've been searching for,
You're a magic kingdom, of this I'm sure,
I wish I was part of your world.

You're something special.
You're something more.
Maybe you've heard this,
Ten thousand times before.
I look at you and,
Feel I could soar,
I'm hooked and I don't want the cure.
I just want to make you smile,
I just want to make you sing,
Cause I know this journey's lonely,
And I want to keep you company.
I've looked and your heart's,
Where I long to be,
Cause you're more than my best fantasy.

Oh Ariel, don't let stars burn out your eyes!
Please don't let those pretty spotlights replace your sunrise.
You are chasing what you think is paradise,
Yeah girl, I know cause I've heard this advice.
And I know you wish you were so much more,
But that magic kingdom you're dying for,
Is already yours and forevermore,
I'll wish I was part of your world...

I wish I was part of your world!

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I'm following the starlight to you.
It's late to you, but not for me.
The moonlight seems to touch my heart,
Illuminating every part,
With thoughts of you becoming more,
Than what I see inside my mind.
And I can't even tell you,
How I've missed you.
So softly, I turn the latch,
And enter our home.
Silently ascending every stair,
I'm reaching out to you...
Only to realize that you are not alone.

My nightmare has become,
More than a dream.
Your laughter suffocates,
All self-control inside of me.
If only I could somehow,
Change what I have seen,
But I've been haunted by,
Those unswayed eyes,
And I just can't help thinking of our...

Dying love, Nightshade,
Lipstick on a razor blade,
And slowly taking everything from you.
But only in my thoughts you bleed,
For in reality,
I'm dead where I stand,
And you're the one cutting me.

The memories fall from my eyes,
God, it hurts when an angel dies.
And yes, it was a well-kept,
Temporary secret...
But did you really think that you could,
Keep me from discovering your...

Cold eyes, unswayed,
Lipstick on a razor blade.
Now I find myself trying so hard,
Not to share this pain with you.
But only in my thoughts you bleed,
For in reality,
The edge continues to dull,
As you cut at me.

Pain like this should not exist.
It should have never come to this.
And I can't tell you how it feels to have tried,
No I can't tell you how it feels to have died...
And not be dead.

Now I finally understand,
How strong we can be.
That even those with metal hearts,
Can scar eternally.
But death cannot be,
Where life sets us free,
And I refuse to be the victim,
Of a memory.
Of your...

Cold heart, unswayed,
Lipstick on a razor blade,
That took my happiness away.
A sacrifice would ever last,
But never could erase the past.
This night has finally arrived,
And all that I can say is...
Farewell Nightshade,
Sweet dreams little razor blade.
Forever I'm ending you.
A crime has been committed,
And true love has ended,
So goodnight forgotten princess,
My only victim was the memory.
The only victim was a memory...

That's all you've become to me.

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He wakes with a smile,
That he just can't hide.
It's a normal new day,
But he's different inside.
He was changed when he found you,
Like never before...
The girl down the hall,
He could talk to forevermore.

When you're gone,
Pressure's on,
You're the light of his life,
And he knows it.
So he's chasing the chance,
To walk through,
The door of your life...
Before you close it.

He's searched from day to day,
Hoping for someone who would stay.
Girl, you are the sunset,
And he is "the one",
You know and you walk away.

Now the time has flown,
And your light has grown,
Sweet Katrina, he can't,
Let go of you.
Heaven knows he's tried,
But he's on your side,
Won't you chance what is right,
In front of you.

Cause he knows your heart,
Craves a brand new start,
And it's so very hard,
To make it.
But that perfect light,
In your heart's so bright,
You deserve someone,
Who can take it.


Your smile beams,
Your heart dreams...
Like none he ever knew.
And he'll always adore,
The way you shine...
Even if he never catches you!


Please don't walk away.
She's out there somewhere...
Please baby, don't walk away.

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He who began a good work in you,
He who began a good work in you,
Will be faithful to complete it.
He'll be faithful to complete it,
He who started the work will be,
Faithful to complete it in you.

He who's defeating the strife in you,
He who created a life in you,
Will be faithful to complete it.
He'll be faithful to complete it,
He who started the work will be,
Faithful to complete it in you.

Gloria! Gloria! Glory to the King of Kings!
Gloria! Gloria! Glory to His Holiness...
Lord we lift up Your name,
With hearts full of praise,
We exalt you oh Lord our God,
Hosanna in the highest!

Our God is an awesome God,
He reigned from Heaven above,
With wisdom, power, and love,
Our God is an awesome God.

Our God...

Is He who began a good work in you.
And He who began a good work in you...
Will be faithful to complete it,
He'll be faithful to complete it,
He who started the work will be,
Faithful to complete it in you.

Our Father in Heaven who started the work,
Will be faithful to complete it in you!

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(See Above)


Can we still be friends,
If I'm crazy for you?
Can we still be friends,
If I'm falling in love with you?
And maybe someday,
I'll know who I'm asking,
Myself or you.

How could I look at you,
And let you go?
And how could what seems so right,
Ever be wrong?
I know I should simply stay the course,
To calm and crystal seas,
But I just can't help sailing for the storm...
And dreaming of you...

My friend, I'm crazy for you,
Can we still be friends,
If I'm falling in love with you?
And maybe someday I'll know,
Who I should be asking.

It seems like only yesterday,
That I was fine and free,
But now I can't stop feeling like,
The captain of a vessel lost at sea.
Like water my mind is clear,
But my heart is blind,
And I just keep sailing for you.

And somewhere, not too far away,
Your smile glows like the end of day,
And I know as visions of you,
Cascade down my face,
That you will never see,
Just what you do to me,
I'm drowning in love for you!

Chorus. (2x)

I hope you know it's true...
I'm falling in love with you.


Can't you hear the angels cry,
For every night you lie awake,
And dream of being just like someone else?
Can't you hear them weeping,
For every night you cried yourself to sleep,
From all the sorrow in your heart?

Don't you know your every tear's,
Like rain through every season?
It's like a dagger in my heart,
For no apparent reason.
And if only you could love yourself,
The way that I have grown to love you,
Maybe you'd be happy once again.

Look at yourself, your life is a mirror.
All I see is beauty and,
To me it couldn't be clearer,
Take one more look inside yourself,
For who you are.

Sometimes before the rain can stop,
It simply has to pour.
It's not about who won or lost,
But how you fought the war,
Won't you believe me when I tell you,
That you are not alone?
And deep inside you're dying to break free.

And I know you are hurting like,
Tomorrow isn't there,
But what you'll find behind that door,
Will simply shine beyond compare.
And can't you see I'm begging you,
To grasp what lies before you?
I promise it will carry you,
So far beyond forever and a day!



And someday you'll understand,
That you have done all you can.
So little angel dry those tears in your eyes,
And always remember that sometimes...
Your looking glass lies.



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Searching my horizon for the light.
Another chapter ended,
In the endless book of life.
And as the seasons change,
Our days grow new again,
The silent breeze consumes the trees,
And carries old leaves away.

But friendship dwells within our hearts,
And memories remain.
The memories of happiness,
And memories of pain.
And even though so much has changed,
I wanted you to know,
No matter where our lives may lead,
I'll never let you go!

We stared at the starlit sky,
And cherished the years gone by.
Though lives we once led,
May remain in the past...
That sky will forever last.

I believe that someday,
You'll find what you're looking for.
From every year to everyday,
With every tear in every way,
I know with all my heart,
You never will be alone.

It seems no matter how I try,
I try to understand it but,
I'll never know the reason why.
We'll always live together,
In that world we once knew,
And I promise,
I never will forget you.

Pre-chorus. (2x)



Somewhere deep in your eyes,
I knew that I would find,
My only reason left to love,
My reason left to try.
If only I could show you,
Just how hard I've tried,
To find someone like you.

The moment that I held you,
You truly changed my world,
I swear I've never felt this way,
For any other girl.
And all that I can do now,
Is let you know just how I feel,
And hope you feel the same.

You touch my heart.
I know you are the only one.
You pulled me out of darkness,
And showed my brokenhearted eyes the sun.
You've taken all my sadness...
And turned it into love for you.

You touch my heart.
And I just wanted you to know,
You'll always be a part of me,
No matter where your life,
May choose to carry you.
And even though it may not be with me,
I never will forget the way you,
Touch my heart.

My heart and my soul rejoice,
At just the sound of your voice,
I know when I hold you so tight,
You make my life right. (2x)

I need you more than anything,
That I have ever known.
I used to hope that someday I would find,
Someone to call my own.
And now it seems to me,
That long-awaited someday,
Has finally come my way.

You're all I've ever wanted and,
I never will forget,
The day you fell from Heaven,
The day that we first met.
And everyday I pray,
That when our lives have passed away,
That I will hold you there...forever!

You touch my heart!


Well here we are again.
It always ends the same.
I gaze into your gorgeous eyes,
And wish that things would change.
If only I had talked to you,
If only you could know,
How much I truly care for you,
I just can't let you go.

And I know that it's not your fault.
Seems so easy, it's not at all.
Trying so hard not to run away,
I just wanted to say that...

If a picture's worth a thousand words,
I must have drawn my whole life,
Over and over again.
Unspoken words of love to you,
Regretting that I never even said,
How much you mean to me.
If only I had talked to you...
I guess I'll never know.

And I know that I would,
Never ever treat you bad.
I'd shed a sea of tears for you,
Every time that you were sad.
I'd walk a million miles for you,
Just to hold you close to me,
I cry because I let you go,
This wasn't meant to be.



I hold you in my arms.
I stare up at the sky.
With you here by my side,
I feel like I could fly,
Away from everything,
That's ever been wrong.
With you I finally feel like,
I have somewhere to belong.

As I feel your heart,
Beating next to mine,
I will love you until,
The end of time,
Alone, just me and you.
I leave it all behind...
And fly away.

I leave it all for you,
And I want you to know that,
I'm yours for eternity.
I promise I won't let go,
I will love you eternally.
And so this goes on,
Day after day,
And I thank you God,
That she came my way.
She came my way...
Now we fly away.

You made me want to change,
The life I once had.
And you're the only one,
I've ever wanted.
My inspiration in a,
World of nothing...
I finally found you!




Searching so hard,
For something I can never see,
Something that's invisible,
Inside of me.
Looking for the longest time,
I wonder if I'll ever find,
The one that I was meant to be.

Staring at reflections for so long,
I must have lost my own.
No matter what I tried,
I never realized,
That it was with me all along.

This isn't me.
Trying to find someone,
That someone I'll forever be.
If I can face,
The sadness and the sorrow,
A light will someday,
Shine on me.

Hiding behind,
So many lies.
Gazing through,
Somebody else's eyes.
Staring so hard,
I just couldn't see,
The truth that was,
Right there in front of me.

The clouds are slowly lifting,
The pain I held is finally drifting away.
And now that I have seen the light,
I'll never close my eyes again.


Open your eyes,
Gaze at the light,
Don't turn away. (2x)

Your freedom is waiting for you,
Waiting to be found somewhere,
And just because it can't be seen,
That doesn't mean that it's not there.




Nothing's ever seemed so close,
And been so far away.
Before you came into my life,
I never felt this way.
I close my eyes and reach for you,
My tears begin to fall,
But when I open them I see,
There's really nothing there at all.

Why do you turn away?
It seems I'll never be enough for you.
No matter what I say to you,
No matter how I try,
There's nothing that I can do,
To make you mine.

I'm sorry my friend,
What more can I say?
With all of my heart,
I wish you would stay.
Please know that I tried,
But something went wrong.
I'll still think of you,
Even when you are gone.

Chorus. (2x)

You'll always be part of my heart.


Riding by moonlight,
Leading our way.
Hoping to see,
Just one more day.
Our memories forever,
Will honor their lives...
Remember their lonely cries.

They died so we could carry on.

The memory forever lasts,
For every life once lost,
A legacy remains.
Cherish ever soul,
Keep them in your heart,
And never let them fade.

They died so we could carry on.

Remember their lonely cry.


This song IS NOT about suicide...
There's always a better answer!

So long world, I'm leaving for good.
I probably won't end up where I should.
But that's never stopped me before,
And it won't again.
It seems that reality,
Just wasn't my friend.
So long world.

Finally free.
No looking back.
Why even try?

Have I ever mattered,
To anyone at all?
Have I ever made a difference?
I wish I could recall,
Another time when skies were cloudless,
And nothing could have possibly gone wrong,
But in my heart...I never thought,
I'd have to say goodbye.

Searching so long,
For just one place,
Where rain never ralls.

I've tried so hard to find it,
In every way I've known,
A place where hearts are filled with laughter,
That I could call my own.
And now I've come to the end of my road,
And as I gaze around a single,
Tear falls from my eye...
I realize I've finally made it home.

Repeat First Verse.



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Every time I see,
Your pretty face inside my mind,
I think of all those painful memories,
I had to leave behind.
The way you never kissed me back,
The way you never said goodnight.
I knew right from that moment on,
It wouldn't be alright.

So now I sit at home trying to understand,
What made you want to walk the other way.
I wish we could have worked things out,
I wish you would have listened then,
Cause now there's nothing left that I can say.

Why did you go?
I thought this could last,
But how was I to know,
That you'd go anyway?
You left me that day,
And now I stand here all alone,
Wondering why...wondering...
Why did you run away?

I'd stay up so late, you'd never call,
And even though I gave you all,
I had it was so hard to realize,
That you were never coming back.
The lonely nights without you,
Trying to forget about the way,
I used to gaze into your eyes,
You weren't even looking back.
So empty and alone,
From all the shallowness you've shown,
To me, but now my eyes are open,
I can finally see.
I guess that we could never be,
All of those things we should have been,
I swear right now I hope,
I never feel that way again.


Why did you run away?


My heart sets with the sun,
As these clouds drift apart,
And I swear I don't know what to do.
No matter how I try,
I feel a part of me,
Has gone away with you.
You can see it in my heart,
And you can see it in my eyes,
It comes as no surprise,
That this happiness,
Resides each year in,
Those October skies,
And I know that...

It makes you feel so right,
Nothing can go wrong.
The feeling you get,
You know you belong.
Before so unhappy,
You were never the same,
And after it came along,
That's when you knew you were changed.
And every year,
You wait for that day,
And if you wait long enough,
It's gonna happen your way.
Watching the skies,
Ever so patiently,
Waiting for something...
Something to set you free.

Repeat Verse.

Repeat Chorus.

So when you feel lost,
And you can't find your way,
Just close your eyes,
And remember the day.
The days that have passed by you,
All of the years,
With all of the laughter,
And all of the tears.
And the happiness you'll find,
Will wash out the pain,
So keep watching the skies,
And praying for rain.
Praying for something,
Ever so patiently,
Praying for something...
Something to set you free.

Something to set you free!


It's been so long,
Since I've seen your face.
Your smile takes me back,
To a mystical place.
A place filled with memories,
Of what we once had,
Till you said goodbye,
And I was so sad.
So now I stand here,
And I'm all alone.
I called your house,
But you weren't home.
So now I just sit here,
With thoughts of you and me,
Wishing I could go back to,
The way it used to be.

Why did I have to leave?
There's so much for me to regret.
But I promise I'll never forget,
And I hope you remember me.

(I hope you remember...)
The way I felt when you were near,
So before you disappear,
I just wanted to say,
That I loved everyday,
Of our life in the past,
I wish it could last,
And so please keep me on your mind,
I don't want to be left behind.

And sometimes I think of the way it might be,
If you were still here with me.
As time passes by you forget that I'm gone,
You're growing up and moving on.

Moving on.


I remember back in tenth grade,
Life seemed so easy, we had it made.
We'd tell all our friends that we were in band,
They just didn't understand,
How much it meant to us,
We'd always wanted it that way,
Always that way.

Ever since I was a lad,
Growing up in a small wasteland,
I wanted to be in a band,
That was part of something more,
Than just a fad.
I thought I was lost,
Cause things are harder than they seem.
It's so much easier,
To live out a life than to live a dream.

I think about the way it used to be.

Practice all day, write all night,
Trying to fulfill my life.
Don't want to waste a single day,
Cause time drifts away.
I think about the future,
Not wanting any regret,
Cause songs you remember,
But bands you forget.
So choose your life wisely,
Don't break down, stand tall.
Cause for what it's worth,
It was worth it all!

I think about the way it used to be. (2x)

When we were on our own,
Nobody told us what to do,
Nobody showed us where to go,
Past all those things I thought I knew.
But now I realize that,
These things are harder than they seem,
It's so much easier,
To live a life than live a dream.


One night I lay awake,
The lights were off,
And I was in my bed.
I tried to get to sleep,
But all my thoughts,
Were swarming in my head.
I turned my TV on,
And saw this girl,
That made me drift away.
And when she spoke,
I realized that there was,
Nothing more that I could say.

You make me feel so right,
Here in the silence.
I can't find my way back,
To where I don't belong,
So I'll just stay here with you.

She said,
"I feel at home with you,
I've always wanted to,
Be part of something more,
Than just a passing trend.
Nobody's ever made me,
Feel this way,
So I'll hold you close,
And pray for this night,
To never end."


I'll just stay here with you.


Just forget you know me,
And I'll forget you, too.
Now everything is gone,
And nothing remains.
Emotion is leaving,
I knew it wouldn't last,
And everything we had,
Remains in the past.

And everything we ever had,
Everything we ever shared,
Everything we ever meant,
Is all left behind.

Now that I am on my own,
I'm gonna bleach my hair,
Dye it blue,
I'm not afraid to be alone.
Getting bruised and bloody in a pit,
They'll pick me up when I fall down,
They won't just let me fall...
I don't need a girl I've got my friends.


I don't care...
It didn't mean anything to me.


They try to tell me all I'm losing,
Is just another day,
As I watch the sunrise,
Watch the sunset,
I watch all my dreams fade away.
But it really makes no difference,
No matter how we try,
We just can't stop the passing of time,
But why?

Cause there's so much to do,
And so little to do it in.
If I had my way,
I would start all over again.
Life's just too hard,
That's the way it was meant to be,
But there's still hope for me.
If I could only find my way,
Through this maze inside my mind,
I'd get through the hard times,
By living life one day at a time.

Help is always required,
But never supplied.
That must be why,
So many died so young,
So young...but they tried.
They tried.


One day at a time...
Tomorrow's another day!



"This is Willy and Wallace's Band of Pleasure!"




(See Above)


(See Above)

(Frank Sinatra Cover)

Those fingers in my hair,
That sly, come-hither stare,
That strips my conscience bare,
It's witchcraft.

And I've got no defense for it,
The heat is too intense for it,
What good is common sense?
It's witchcraft.

Wicked witchcraft.

Although I know it's strictly taboo,
When you arouse the need in me,
My heart says yes indeed in me.

Proceed with what you're leading me to,
It's such an ancient pitch,
But one I wouldn't switch,
Cause there's no nicer witch than you.

It's witchcraft. (4x)


"Ha, you make me laugh..."

Firecrotch! Firecrotch!
Always sucking up to me,
You think that I can't see,
Right through you.
Firecrotch! Firecrotch!
Mind-controlling all your peers,
By shedding, crying wasted tears.

Firecrotch, what's in your head?
Praying on the secrets we have said.
You hurt our feelings, piss us off,
And drive us insane,
Then you suck my blood,
Like I'm a human vein.
Firecrotch, look around,
The punk scene is slamming you,
Into the ground.
And if you look long enough,
You just might,
Find someone else,
To believe your lies.

Firecrotch! Firecrotch!
Laughing at me in the hall,
You really don't know me at all.
Firecrotch! Firecrotch!
Let me say as this song ends,
That we've been everything but friends.




"We didn't really worry about that bomb hitting.
Let's face it, the only people prepared for the bomb
are the punk rockers...they look like we're going to."

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